Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SEO And The Importance Of It To Make Money Online

A lot of people make SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, out to be really complicated and technical when in fact it really isn't, that is, if you want to make use of it properly to make money online. It is an integral and important part of a process that you will have to put effort into consistently and diligently in order to reap any rewards from a home business. While there are certainly a lot of little details that make up the whole spectrum of SEO, there really are only a few things you need to know in order to create an online income, and if you intend to work from home and create a life out of an Internet business, you certainly have to learn and understand the few things that I will be talking about today and in future posts that will help in establishing your online presence which will go a long long way to building your online success.

The first thing you have to get into your head is that if you want to even make consistent online money, you need to, have to, absolutely must, learn SEO. Get the idea that it is too difficult for you to understand out of your head - it really is very simple and straightforward. The only thing about useful SEO is that it can be tedious, and you might not see any results for a long time while working on it, so patience and diligence is something that you will need to nurtue and practise all the time. If you hope to see results fast and do not like to work hard, then the chances of you being in the long run for this are very slim and you will either give up, or you will lean to the dark side, which I will never discuss here as it is not the right way to make money online and certainly not something you should ever want to consider in building a legitimate business, online or offline in the brick and mortar world.

Keyword Focus

Before you build any website in your seach for the online Holy Grail, the first thing you need to do even before buying the domain name is to know what market, and keyword, you are targeting. What is a keyword, you might ask? It is simply the main phrase that you are targeting that describes your main market. For example (and this is a very general example), if you are trying to sell a weight loss program or product via a website, you could be targeting people who are looking for a 'weight loss program'. In this case, your main keyword will be 'weight loss program' and you will then build your domain, website structure and content around the keyword, which is basically what is known as on-page optimization in SEO terms. Later on, when you start working on off-page optimization, you then also build your campaigns around the same keyword, or other long tail keywords which are associated with your main one, such as 'how to lose weight' or 'dieting program'. Work these long tail keywords into your on-page optimization as well, especially the content, and over time and with consistent work, you will have a chance of building a well optimized site that can help you generate consistent online revenue.

Back Links

You can spend a lot of time on on-page optimization but it will never help your money making website to rank well in search engines, which is a key factor in making money online. The most important thing you will need to make your online money making dreams come true, is to rank as high as possible in the search engines for any keyword that you are targeting. Forget everything you might have learnt from the money making scammers that tell you that you need to be a social network master or start spending money on advertising to drive traffic to your site to make money. There are definitely free methods that you can use to get traffic to your site, but the traffic you really need to get to your site in order to make money from it is organic search engine traffic. Period. This traffic are the people who go on to search engines like Google and are looking for something they need. It could be a product or simply information they want, but they have a need and they are likely to do anything they can to get it, including paying for it. Forget about social traffic because such traffic are largely made up of people who are just trying to kill time reading articles online. They will not be clicking your ads or even spending a dime on any product you wish to sell.

So how do you get quality search engine traffic? You need to rank well for your keyword in the search engines. And how do you do that? Simple - put a lot of effort into your off page optimization. And the big part of that is simply to get as many backlinks as possible to your site and its pages. What is a backlink? It is simply a link from another website to yours. Remember, it is not enough to just get backlinks to your main page. Try to spread it around to other pages as well. There are three main types of backlinks you can have, and while one is more useful than the other, they all contribute to your off page optimization, with the first one being the best kind of backlink you can get:

1. A backlink from a site with related content and your keyword as the anchor text.
2. A backlink from a site with unrelated content without your keyword as the anchor text.
3. A backlink from any site, related content or otherwise, without your keyword as the anchor text.

Of course, the gist is that any backlink is a useful backlink, but there are certainly those which are better than others. What is an anchor text? For example, a link might look like this : how to make money online and the anchor text is simply the text that contains the URL that points to the specific website. The more relevant backlinks you get, the better ranked your site will be in the search engines. It might take some time, especially if you are competing within a competitive niche, but eventually, with consistent effort, the results will come and sooner or later, you will start seeing better returns from your online home business and this is what it is all about.

Page Rank

A final factor in your SEO campaign, although not a huge one, is that the more backlinks you can get from sites with high Page Rank, the better the backlinks. While the most important is still to obtain links from relevant sites and anchor text, what makes it even sweeter would be that these links are from sites that have high Page Rank. While nobody knows how Google uses Page Rank in their algorithm to determine which sites should rank higher and which to condemn to the lower indexes, the higher the Page Rank, the more value they place on your content. I will talk about content in a future post but let's make it clear that you do not necessarily need the best content to be considered having something valuable, but if you want to see your site making money in the long run, you certainly need unique content in a way.

So in order to make money online, you definitely need to understand and use SEO in your methods, of which I have gone through some of the basics but which are the most important in anything you do to build your online home business. I have not forgotten that I have to mention some of the other methods and programs you can use to legitimately make some money online but it will have to be in another post. Some of this SEO stuff is also tedious to do and perhaps I will also share with you the tools, free or otherwise, that I use to help me create my online income, and go into a little more detail into how to make the best use of them. In the meantime, I hope you can absorb what I have taught here, and while it might be simplistic in explanation and view, it really is the gist of what SEO is in terms of making money, and nothing else.

Till then, it's

Pete North

How to make money and SEO

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How To Make Money Online Without Money

I believe this is often the first and foremost question that is on anyone's mind who has read and heard numerous legendary tales of people who make money online without too much effort and most importantly of all, not having to spend a single cent doing so. While I am about to show you what are some of the methods you can use to do this, I do not agree at all that you can actually make money anywhere, online or in the bricks and mortar business world, without having to spend any money because one thing you would definitely need in any situation is that of time, and in business, as is so often the case, time IS money. So if anyone actually tells you that you can produce endless number of checks with any figure of income and you do not have to dish out even a single cent from your pocket nor waste any second of your life doing so, run for the hills away from the person and lift your scam alert radar because that is what he or she really is.

To make some income online without having to come out with any monetary capital of your own at the beginning is entirely possible and feasible. However, the one thing you would need in huge amounts and probably endless supplies of it would be time. Nothing comes free in this world, and to making a living online at the start without so much as a penny to your name would require your total dedication, discipline and a good part of your waking hours because while the methods may be easy, they are incredibly tedious and time consuming. In certain cases, you will also be competing with mass production lines who offer rates which will effectively knock you out of a reasonable return and you either bite the bullet and grin and bear it, or choose an alternative revenue generating method which might offer better returns.

Before we go on to explore Internet Marketing which can offer attractive returns in comparison to the overall effort, it is also not something that anyone can do, and do well. In many cases, there is also a requirement for some startup capital if you would like to see results earlier, but this money can easily spiral out of control for many beginners who are not adept at monitoring different ad campaigns and their funds and budgets. Therefore, my advise is always to stick to some basic online money making methods, get acquainted with them, learn the fundamentals of SEO and marketing, and then go on from there. Do not just jump straight in to anything that promises lots of money like so many beginners do, and then quickly get disenchanted and discouraged when you only see earnings of a couple of dollars after 6 months or worse still for some, losses amounting to a few hundred dollars.

I will start with some simple methods of making money online, something which just about anybody can do as long as they spend any amount of time on the keyboard, in front of their computers, sending emails or messages and chatting with another party over the Internet. If you can type and often engage in these things, you certainly have something to say and definitely can write about something. Whether it is about your everyday life, your favorite sports, a current affairs or general news item, it is not difficult to churn out a few paragraphs about any topic. If you can do so, then you can, and you should, try your hands at freelance writing. While the initial returns certainly do not offer much, such as a dollar for a few hundred words article, if you are persistent enough, the payoffs will progress and can certainly come up to even tens or hundreds of dollars per article when you have built a portfolio of completed freelance assignments. Of course, you definitely need to provide quality writing as well, but this will certainly improve as you do more of it. It is a simple way to start earning an online income while working from home and the only drawback is that you are limited to what money you can make to the number of articles you can produce in a given day. It is by no means an easy task from the start, but it gets simpler and more efficient with each passing article.

There are many online sites to get freelance writing assignments, such as from GetAFreeLancer.com. Note however that you are often in competition with mass production lines that offer ridiculously low prices of $1 per 500 word article or even less, and buyers take advantage of this to push prices low. Try to stand your ground even if you are starting out, and build a relationship and portfolio with a few buyers. If the offers start coming in with regularity and they have shown satisfaction with your work, do not shy from requesting for higher fees. In many cases, the buyers will often themselves do so if they feel that you offer good quality work and are determined to keep you amongst their regular writers.

There are also other article sites like Associated Content which rely on user generated content to act as a news site. They offer anything from $3 to $15 for a minimum 400 word article, depending on their individual reviews and whether the articles submitted by you are in demand in terms of online content. If you submit articles related to current popular news, and they are well written, you can expect at least $6 per article and that amount can easily accumulate. Unfortunately, such offers are limited to United States citizens. However, foreign writers are eligible for Performance Payments which basically pay you per CPM per article at $1.50. This basically means that you will receive $1.50 for every 1,000 views of any article, and this number is an accumulated amount, which means that if you get 400 views for article A, and 600 views for article B, you receive $1.50 for a total of 1,000 views across your total content. This is an easy passive income and it can potentially grow if you provide popular content.

Further to this, you can also generate some money online through the use of article marketing. There are actually many differing opinions on what article marketing is, and I will not go into the rights and wrongs, but to use the term as a broad umbrella of making online sales, income, traffic or for SEO benefits by employing the submission of articles to article directories. In many cases, many blogs are in effect article marketing platforms as their authors attempt to peddle their wares and products to readers through blog posts. The basic idea is to write articles that try to promote a particular product that you aim to make a sale for once the reader actually answers your call to action at the end of the article which will bring him or her to the sales page. These articles are then submitted to various article directories such as EzineArticles.com from which sales leads can be potentially generated. The way to make money from this method is to submit the articles to as many directories as possible and they must be well written in order to entice readers to click through the links provided within to the sales pages. This is essentially the traditional method of article marketing which can still achieve some results today, but is quickly on a decline. In future posts, I will discuss more on the modern benefits of article marketing.

I will continue with more methods of making money online without having to spend a tangible cent of your own money in my next post, before this one gets too long and most of you start losing focus. In the meantime, you may wish to try the above methods rather than some of the other scam filled methods which so often require that you build huge downlines. While there are definitely legitimate programs of these sort, you will spend too much time trying to filter out the good from the bad and in the end, fail to use your time productively. Freelance writing and article marketing can be a self starting method for starters and they definitely do not require anything other than your time in producing content, and is a low risk and moderate return strategy for anyone looking to make some extra money online without money.

Till then, it's

Pete North

How to Make Money

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How to Make Money Online For All

If you are like me and always trying to find out how to make money online, you might have gone through or are going through right now what I have experienced myself. And that is to spend loads of money before I even found how I can truly make money from home and on the Internet, and then (I) realised at the end how unnecessary it was to spend all that money.

Yes, my friend, there are really ways to make money online without having to spend any, or much, money. There are really legitimate and free ways to make extra money or even create your own make money home based business. I have tried many, spent wads of cash, and am at the point where I am making a nice online income from what I do. But not after the trials and tribulations of making errors (and burning loads of cash). And when I think back about all those mistakes, while they have helped me to be where I am today, it still leaves me wincing in pain at how much richer I might be today if I had known what I do know now about making money online.

I won't butter my words - if you want to find out how to earn a living online, yes, you can do so. But throw out ideas and illusions of being able to do it easily and fast. And above all, stop thinking that you can do it without spending any money. Yes, you can also make some extra money without spending a single dime, but be prepared to spend at least 6 months or (usually) more with those methods. Buying some tools will help you, but at the end of the day, there is no secret formula and no magic potion. You still need to put in the effort daily and keep going at it till the results come.

You see, learning how to make money online is like taking up a university degree course. In fact, it could be worse. You could end up with a degree after 3 years, but learning ways to make money on the Internet is a life-long process, because the Internet changes everyday and fast. You need to be quick to know what's happening and what you need to do. It's exactly the same as in the bricks and mortar world of business. The industry or market can change anytime, and you need to pander to the market demands. Whoever told you there are quick ways to make money online is just trying to sell you that quick and crappy ebook, which makes them money, not you.

So keep your eyes and ears open and learn the fundamentals and proper methods. Or you could end up spending years like I did trying to figure things out. I do not make loads of cash online, but it is enough to allow me to do this full-time. I work at home and enjoy what I do. It is not pretty and can often be extremely boring. But if you compare it to what others do opening supermarkets and stores, what I do can sometimes be the easiest way to make money. Mostly I just sit at home in front of my computer, and set up websites and blogs and write, and then find the best advertising models and products to sell to make money. It is a simple basic business model, it earns me money but it can be tough at the beginning. Remember, there is no such thing as ways to make money fast. If you are serious about wanting to be your own boss and live on the Internet, then be prepared to put in some hard work at the start and continue at a steady pace.

Again, there are many different ways in which you can choose to do this. You can do what thousands and thousands are doing and set up Ebay stores or simply auction items on the site for sales. You can also do what Internet Marketers do and write lousy ebooks with no real information and sell them to people who are looking for ways to make money fast. Or set up a blog, write about different things and hope that advertisers pay you to put up their ads or sell affiliate products to readers. Good luck with this but that is for another post, another day. You can also try your hand at building niche sites and make money from Adsense. All these can work if you do it the right way and get the right target market. It is how you do it and who you sell it to that makes a lot of difference.

I will tell you about the main methods I use to do all this. If it works, I tell it like it is. If it doesn't work, be prepared for honest truths. I see so many people trying to find ways to make money at home but get burnt by the unscrupulous marketers out there it really pains me, not because I love you guys. I don't know you guys well enough to decide if I love you, but it reminds me of what I went through myself, and I wouldn't want another human being to experience the same as much as I can help it.

There will definitely be things I will tell you I use, and recommend to you. But it is totally up to you if you wish to get them. If you don't, you can still achieve your goals to be the one bringing in home Adsense paychecks from Google. But for me, I believe in re-investing some of my earnings, and that includes getting useful products. How do we know if they're useful? Well, luckily for us, I am the one spending to test them. If they work, I'll tell it like it is as usual and if they don't, bury them.

Ok, this is getting to become quite an introductory post. I will stop here as it is, and hope to continue sharing what I do to make money from home. But before I leave, I urge you to think hard about what you hope to achieve. To make money online is certainly achievable. But it is a business and you have to treat it like one. Hard work, no quick solutions and definitely no easy shortcuts. Learn what you can, apply what you learn, keep at it daily and test as much as possible. Always be on the lookout for people who are keen to teach the real stuff and not your John Chows or Probloggers who are not necessarily wrong but they are getting rich by feeding off their readers. Learn to do it the business way. Find the right partners who can help you. Remember, you want ways to make money, not to become a famous blogger who lives off scrapes.

Till then, it's

Pete North

How to Make Money